Roger and Carson Pty Ltd is a boutique insolvency firm specialising in Corporate external administrations including  Voluntary Liquidations, Court Liquidations, Administrations, Secured Party Receiverships and Forensic accounting.

We have over 10 years experience overseeing complex and challenging administrations of business from various industries including following;

  • Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Transport

At Roger and Carson we are results driven, our focus is to ensure the best results for stakeholders of distressed companies including employees, trade creditors and statutory creditors. We can provide strategic and innovative solutions for business through difficult times. We believe we have the business acumen, technical knowledge, and foresight to guide you through periods of uncertainty.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.

Our expertise

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Please contact our office for a free consultation should you need to discuss any of the following:

  •      Options available
  •      Adverse tax position
  •      Director's Penalty Notice
  •      Director's Personal Liability
  •      Insolvent trading
  •      Secured creditors
  •      Trusts
  •      Loan accounts
  •      Arrangements with creditors

Our people

Nicarson is a Insolvency Practitioner, CPA Accountant and Registered and Official Liquidator and Director of Roger and Carson Pty Ltd. Nicarson has over 10 years’ experience in Corporate and Personal Insolvency he has overseen numerous complex and challenging external administrations of business from various industries. Nicarson is specialised in Voluntary Administrations including trading of company’s business in order to achieve best results for all stakeholders involved and Court Liquidations requiring in depth investigative skills and techniques in order to achieve the optimum recovery for company’s creditors and employees.

Over the years Nicarson has developed extensive contacts from various industries whom provide insightful assistance and knowledge in order to provide solutions and achieve best results for companies entering external administrations.


  • Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting – Macquarie University
  • CPA Australia
  • Insolvency Law - Queensland University of Technology
  • Master of Legal Studies (current) – University of Technology Sydney

Our membership

Roger and Carson Pty Ltd maintains memberships in a number of professional bodies and associations which allows our staff to continually develop their skills and expertise. The memberships that Roger and Carson Pty Ltd maintain are:
  • Registered and Official Liquidator
  • Professional Member of Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association
  • Professional Member of CPA Australia
  • I am a Professional Member of Australian Restructuring Insolvency Turnaround Association


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